Can't seem to disable A+ volume control anymore

Until a few days ago, I’ve always had the “Volume control type” in Audirvana’s Audio Volume preferences set to “DAC only,” and that has, unsurprisingly, grayed out the volume control within Audirvana. Suddenly, now Audirvana can control the volume with its slider, even though I have confirmed the preferences setting has not changed. My Mytek Brooklyn DAC is also set to “Bypass” so that the only volume control I have is with my preamp, which is what I want–but now Audirvana is somehow able to control playback volume. Any ideas why this has happened, or how to get back to the way I had it before, which is my preference?

I have the same problem?

Hi, is there any way to completely disable the volume slider in the iOS app? I’ve tried the software volume toggle but doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Hello, Burley65–

Since the issue began for me in March 2019, it has not been rectified as far as I can tell. I just live with it–and this is even on version 3.2 (I have not upgraded to 3.5).