Certain folders not appearing in Library although present on disc

Audirvana is frequently unable to locate and play files that are in a scanned directory (“D:/Music”). Scan runs automatically on every start-up.

As far as I can tell they are all files that have stupidly laid out filenames with lots of dashes and underscores (“Late_Night_Tales_-_xxxetc”) or they are files with normal filenames in folders that have stupidly laid out folder names with lots of dashes and underscores. Not my fault - I downloaded them in that state!

There are too many of these files for me to waste time editing them all one by one.

Media Monkey 5 and Foobar have no problem identifying these files and folders.

Is this a bug? Why aren’t these files/folders recognized by the library scanner?

Hi @bdbtbb , can you send me one of those tracks at support@audirvana.com? I would like to try reproduce your issue.

OK. I have sent one of the files in an email to that address.