Change on upsampling setting gets remembered

It looks like that Audirvana keeps remembering the prior change on the upsampling setting.

Re-changing a recent change on upsampling was ignored since the prior setting appeared to be remembered and sent to the DAC when starting another title. I had to select another device as an in between to have the wanted setting being functional.

There was no response so far and I don’t understand my words are understandable or another user would experience the same issue.

However, it turns out being quite anoying. Anytime I freshly start Audirvana from bootup Windows 10, it shows difficulty to set the clock to 44.1 kHz and rather sets to 2x the base clock, so 88.2 kHz. I would have to change devices in order to have this effect removed and have the music start in 44.1 kHz. Of course, the music is in 44.1 kHz, mostly selected from Qobuz.

The effect keeps re-appearing when I change interpreter or select another album.

Hello @Gorch,

Do you mean that when you have upsampling enabled in Audirvana and you try to deactivate it you can’t do it without changing the audio output selected?

Situation is, I had activated upsampling and played with various settings. Eventually, deactivated again. Since it was deactivated it keeps falling back to or remember the latest upsampling value that was set. Which was ‘2x,4x’.

Especially with Qobuz, it keeps using the 2x upsampling anytime I change an album or something. I can’t track down 100%, cause sometimes it seems sticking to the effect until I could get it right.

Actually, in Audirvana I don’t see the change on the setting. It shows ‘deactivated’. I can track the change in the monitor or service application of the sound device that is the Terratec DMX 6Fire. Affected seems to be the “Digital Play” channel in the mixer. At least, I tend to use that mostly. Output would always be “Output 1/2”.

Effect clearly not limited to Qobuz. Also locally stored music selected. Changing an artist brings the effect back up. Swapping devices forth and back has it dissappear and playing titles as expected.

It’s more likely that the Terratec software is doing something here.

Never mind, meanwhile I came to change my audio device to Steinberg UR44C. In case the issue appears device driven, personally, I’m not affected anymore. The 6Fire used to be a very trustful device for about 8 years or so.

The quality was better than one might think. I had it driving a Myryad MI120 and Sonic Allegra once. And it created cristal clear, dynamic and authentic signal from Qobuz through Audirvana. Nothing to complain about really. The I/O connectivity was unbeaten.

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