Chromecast Support in Studio/Origin

I am currently using a Chromecast Audio to stream to my system using a UGreen Ethernet device especially suited Chromecast use in tricky WiFi conditions. This combo has been working very well for me and my music during the last year. With no issues whatsoever!
Recently, I came across a new Chromecast Build-in capable streamer called WiiM Pro. It also uses Ethernet but a different Texas Instruments PCM5121 DAC capable of 24/192.
Has somebody first hand experience with this WiiM Pro using Audirvana Studio or Origin V2.XX?My Chromecast Audio uses a AKM DAC that I really like. What are, from your personal experience so far, the effective heard advantages after upgrading my current Chromecast Audio playing local high res files using Origin 2.XX? I am aware that this is a subjective ‘can of worms’ question!

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