Chromecast to my TV

Hello, I was hoping to be able to get regular support but I guess these days we are forced to help each other in the dark with other users. In any case: is there a simple way to Cast to my TV (that has the Chromecast gizmo attached to it).
I can only find complex convoluted discussions on the topic. My hope is that I can click the Chromecast icon on my Android phone using the Audirvana app I just installed like I can in all Cast-ready apps. That does not seem to be the case. Is there a blog entry of sorts on this site that tells us how to achieve that ?
I prefer non-geeky straight to the point answers if possible.

You can send your enquiry to

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Most likely, if you can install BubbleUpnp Server somewhere, you can create a DLNA server from the chromecast device. That “virtual” device should be usable by Audirvana.

That’s not how Audirvana works. The app is a remote for the software running on Windows or Mac. Audirvāna Studio - June 2024 Latest Update


THX I could not find that on their website.

It’s actually much simpler, I just needed to choose Chromecast from within the Desktop app as an Audio output… but I find it hidden a bit too much UI-wise, was expecting something more obviously accessible. I could not imagine Audirvana making users geek around just to Cast, the whole idea and beauty of Chromecast is to keep things super simple.

Did you get it fixed? I have Chromecast as a CHOICE on my Network but it does not do anything.

Send a message to @Antoine if you can’t get any joy. Everyone on this site want to help.

You can switch the output option in the app as well. It is the same as within the desktop app. This is how it works, the app is a remote, not a full fledged app like others.


Yes, when I chose Chromecast it worked right away. But I am so used to seeing the little Chromecast icon, like we see on YouTube etc… that I was expecting to see it in an obvious spot.

I believe it’s in the same place as all other device options, click on the speaker icon, dropdown list of connected devices appears , select the one you want.
Couldn’t be much simpler.

Hello @jmtennapel actually I now notice that I completely misunderstood the question! I thought he could not see the chromecast from the desktop/remote app, and that it was not directly supported. I noticed yesterday than instead it’s natively supported by audirvana.