Circle Album Covers for Artists

Is there anyway to make the circle album covers square like they should be?

I know we are selecting artist, but it still uses album covers. If you had dedicated pictures of the artist to show in circles, that might be different, but as long as you are using the album covers, I would prefer they are square like the album cover.



I am wondering the same thing. Has there been a resolution? I love the function of Audirvana but am not a lover of its interface.

hello, im new here and my english is bad :wink:
i bin thinking to buy the player next das but a point for me ist to know ist there a future plane to have artist pics and covers or will this be forever this way. this is a point for me im paying 100 euro for a player. thanks for a answer!

Bonjour @Quentin, il est possible dans Audirvana de modifier les pochettes d’albums mais vous ne pourrez pas changer les photos des artistes dans Audirvana. C’est une fonctionnalité qui a été demandée par des utilisateurs et nous prenons en compte ces demandes pour améliorer Audirvana mais c’est tout ce que nous pouvons dire sur le sujet.