Collapse all & Column browser

3.5 had a nice feature allowing you when album are grouped e.g. by Genre to “collapse all” primary categories. Is that function gone?

Furthermore, from a UI perspective, I really like a “column browser” instead of the current floating filter window (I’d like to dock it on top instead of left or right).


Totally agree, @Musicophile. No column browser, no deal.

Honestly, make it look and work like iTunes, but with better sound and the capability to manage and play as many types of files as Audirvana supports, and you would have a lot of very happy users, @Damien3.

Till then, you can count me out. 3.5 was miserable, and Studio has even less of what I need to manage, browse, and enjoy my 6TB local music library.

I just can’t continue to beat my head against this wall.

Lots of luck.

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you can try that that i post on another thread, GaseousClay i know you answer to the other thread :slight_smile:

Try to make smart playlists and just make less menus in main windows…
here is my hard drive setup… then how to create those smart playlists… 26 = for A to Z

yours might be different setup, but just put your names in the playlist
or rename your things like mine :slight_smile:

then is is somehow like a browser with 26 directories… this is just to show you my setup… the name of my external hard drive… to make easier for you what to put in the filter window.

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