Composer search issue only on remote

Hi there.
Enjoying a lot A+ & the remote :slight_smile:
One thing (actually 2) :slight_smile:

  • the same composer research on A+ on MacBook Pro return me correct result, while on the remote, the composer can still be seen, but strangely it return a (0) and give no album result when clicking it

print screen from my Mac :

print screen from the remote on iPad :

One more thing, still with the Remote; while I’m on an artist list album, I only have the list view, not the grind one : am I missing something ? (turning thumb album view on pref. has no effect)

thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Pascal_P,

Thank you for your report about the Remote app, we will fix this bug in a a future update of the Remote app. About the thumb view you can only have this view when you are in a main view of the Remote like Local Library>Album. I understand your point about it and we will also improve this in a future update of the Remote app.

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Merci Damien.

Hope the fix will be helpful for others too :slight_smile: