Correct location for pdf booklets

Apologies if this has been covered before - I looked on the forum but couldn’t find an answer.

Audirvana finds a booklet.pdf file for display if it is in the same folder as the music files. That’s fine for single discs but I cannot find a location that displays the booklet for multiple disc sets which have an overall folder and individual folders CD1, CD2 etc. pdfs at the ‘root’ level don’t show. Where should they be?


just copy the pdf in all the CD

Would it be possible to support the use of a symlink instead of the whole PDF?

I’ve discovered placing the PDF in each folder of a multi-disc set does not work either. HAs anyone figures out how to do this?

Sorry i just place mine called booklet.pdf in the folder of the CD and it appears up right in the Audirvana window… when i click on it it shows… Catalina 10.15.6

Eventually found this out for myself - booklet.pdf has to be in disc folder for a single disc or in CD1 folder only for a multidisc set.


For a minute I thought perhaps your description held a gem in that the PDF also has to be named exactly “booklet.pdf” for your trick to work, but alas, that didn’t help either. I renamed it and ensured it was only in the folder containing CD1 of the nine CDs in the problematic box set. Still no booklet icon shows up in Audirvana for this album. I wonder why?

It’s possibly the way you treat the enclosing folder for the multidisc set. I have and enclosing folder called whatever ‘Essential Works’ - it has a copy of the folder.jpg that is also in every disc folder within. CD1 folder also contains ‘booklet.pdf’ - works for me every time now. The PDF booklets always appear.

Hello, davidp–

I greatly appreciate your help. Let me see if I can have you clarify what you are saying here by comparing it to what I am doing for a putative two-CD set:

“Essential Works” (a folder containing two folders, each one containing the files of only one CD in a set of two CDs)

“CD1” (a folder inside the “Essential Works” folder and containing just the files from the first CD of the two-CD set and a file called “booklet.pdf”

“CD2” (a folder inside the “Essential Works” folder and containing just the files from the second CD of the two-CD set only. No “booklet.pdf” file in this folder.

Is this your hierarchy that works? And the PDF shows up in Audirvana when playing songs from either CD1 or CD2? If not, please describe to me what I am doing differently. If so, something else is up in that this is exactly the hierarchy I am using, but the booklet PDF does not show up.


Hi - that’s exactly the structure. One important proviso - All CDs in the mulipart set must have the same album name (in my case the name of the enclosing folder) and must be disc 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc. If you call each folder ‘Essential Works - CD1’, ‘Essential Works - CD2’ etc the booklet trick doesn’t seem to work at all. This might not work for you in your setup, but you can name the CD1, CD2 etc folders what you like - just have to share the same album name.

Very interesting! I will try renaming my enclosed folders so they are all are the same—right now they are different by disc number. I will let you know my results—and thanks for noting this!

OK—here are the results. Unless I misunderstood, the suggestion to name each of the folders inside a multi-disc album Master folder identically is, in macOS or Windows, impossible. One cannot have an exact folder title (or file, for that matter) more than once in the same hierarchical location. I should have intuited that because we have all seen the “replace the file with the same name” warning many times.

It then occurred to me that as long as each file is correctly tagged with a metadata editor as belonging to disc 1 or disc 2 of 2, for example, there is no need to have separate folders for each individual disc. So I placed every track, regardless of which disc it came from, inTo one Master folder by the name of the box set along with the PDF booklet. Voila! The PDF displays perfectly for every disc.

This is a work around, of course, and I do wish one could have separate folders for each CD of a box set because that seems very logical, but Audirvana cannot display booklets if organized this way.

Thanks to everyone who had suggestions—

Sorry, you’ve missed my point entirely. Don’t confuse OS folder names with metadata tags (i.e. Album names).
Here’s a real example from my server:
Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 08.46.37
I could call CD1 CD1-Quartets Nos.1-3 or whatever in the OS but both CD1 and CD2 must appear to Audirvana be part of the same album. You can see where the booklet.pdf file is located in CD1 folder.
This is the screen grab from Audirvana Plus (I use both Plus and the newer Audirvana). You can see both discs have the same album name and the booklet icon is showing.
Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 08.51.16
(Streaming services/downloads seem to have adopted the 1-01, 2-01, 3-01 tracks all in one folder for a 3 disc set - it works with the booklet but I always repack them back into CD1, CD2 folders on my music server (a Melco) as I use Audirvana on one system but mConnect/minimserver on another system which offers browsing by folder.)
All the best - David

I’m sorry I missed what you were trying to describe, though I’m not sure I did as you can see in the screenshots below. First, here is an example of how I have my folder for a multi-CD set with the booklet only in the first CD. It appears to be essentially the same as your example (unless I’m missing another key feature which if you can detect, I would be most appreciative):

Next are the results of this structure within Audirvana, just as you have shown, though as you’ll see, the PDF does not show up even though I have assigned the exact same album title to every CD:

I assume you do have unique track titles for each track and only the album title is the same?

Finally, how I got my multi-CD set to work is by placing every track from the previously separate folders into one single folder along with the booklet PDF, as shown here:

As I said earlier, why your way works for you and why my way works for me is a mystery unless we can identify another difference I’m somehow missing. At least I have it working, though my way is certainly less organized than yours–I just I wish I could get your method to work. I’ve tried it in both A+ and the latest version of Audirvana.

HI - the only thing that struck me from your original separate folder Beethoven example was this: If the album was the HvK folder it should work, if the album was the Beethoven folder it wouldn’t as I suspect the booklet.pdf file has to be in the first level sub-folder of an album and not lower down the hierarchy - if that makes any sense. I would love to hear something from Audirvana on the subject but in over two years there’s been nothing in this thread.