Crash on opening

it had been a while that i had turned off the SYnc on startup option and now i recall why, painfully!
I realized i had added quite a lot of new albums to my Music folder over the last weeks, but forgot to sync Audirvana. SO i decided to manually launch the Sync by pressing the button … It did work … until a moment when the application crashed. I remember it happened precisely when i decided to change the track i was listening to, while it was still scanning.
Anyways, I simply relaunch Audirvana, … BUT … now it crashes immediately and will not open at all (1 second or 2 seconds max). I have renamed my .sqlite file with “OLD”, and rebooted, then relaunched Audirvana … it has recreated a fresh .sqlite database … but nothing will do, it still crashes everytime i open it.
Before i uninstall everything, then reinstall, then reindex my entire library, then recreate plyslists… can someone propose a solution? @Antoine ? it’s the 3rd time i have to do this whole process in the last 3 or 4 months … Really not thrilled with the stability of the new release :confused: it’s disappointing, i like the software sound quality so much …

Hello @danberilloux, since your issue occur every time you launch Audirvana, can you please send your crash log of Audirvana at this mail address?

@Antoine hi Damien, it has happened again, and i had to rebuild the whole library again. I sent my crash file to the support email Box some days ago but no reply yet. Same with the prior crash…
This is becoming a monthly issue now… very unpleasant!
Hope you can find a permanent fix.
Merci :pray: