Create Playlists of Local Music via Remote

I use a headless Mac Mini as my music source and I both stream from Qobuz and play from local files, which I sync via Dropbox.

Having my files on Dropbox allows me to edit the meta data and add to my library without ever touching my Mac Mini.

One thing I cannot do, though, is create playlists of local music. At least not without unplugging my Mac Mini and temporarily installing it at my desk with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Please consider this is a feature request to be able to add and manage playlists of local files via the remote app.

Thanks. Love the product.

Hello @jeremyblanchard, you can do this, you need to select a track to be added to a playlist and you will see an option to create a new playlist in the Remote.

Thanks for the reply Damien.
I found it under the ellipsis menu above the tracks. I was previously looking under the top-level ellipsis.

I think I figured out your UX paradigm:

  1. Single Track ellipsis menu
  2. Bulk/Multi-Track ellipsis menu
  3. Album ellipsis menu

I suppose I tend toward an album mentality and was looking to add a whole album to a playlist.

I would like to offer another usability note/suggestion:
When I click on the bottom navigation buttons I am expecting to be taken back to the beginning of that flow. For example, I click on ‘Search’, I then perform a search and potentially click through several times. I am expecting that if I click the ‘Search’ button again I would be taken back to the initial search page. The results could either still be there from my previous search or they could reset. I expect similar behavior from the other bottom navigation buttons as well.

thanks again and best wishes.

I understand, this is one of the things we need to improve on the Remote that we are taking a look at.

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