Creating playlists

Hi all

I’m having a problem trying to create a playlist. I click on the + to create a playlist, get an empty new playlist, but there’s no way to add any tracks to it!

I can create a playlist in Qobuz, but Audivarna doesn’t pick it up.

I’m using Audivarna on a Mac and iPad

Any suggestions welcome


I’ve now worked out how to get my Qobuz playlist visible in Audivarna, but still can’t create a playlist in Audivarna


Hello @RichardADC, do you want to create a Qobuz playlist in Audirvana? If your Qobuz account is connected to Audirvana you should see an option to create a new Qobuz playlist.

Thanks - I’ve looked at this, it doesn’t allow me to create a playlist in Audivarna - only to add a playlist that I have already created in Qobuz

So to get a playlist I have to use both applications.

Do you have this option or not at all?

It works ok but it’s not ideal, I just wanted to correct your earlier comment that you can create a Qobuz playlist in Audivarna. You can’t.

Why you are saying you can’t? When you create a Qobuz playlist in Audirvana it is automatically added to your Qobuz account.

Can confirm, done it plenty of times with ease. The software is quite intuitive.

When I try to create a playlist I just get a screen showing an empty list, with no visible way off adding anything to it - as in this screenshot. Where do I get any items to add to the playlist?

You have not created a Qobuz Playlist, can you click on the + next to Playlist and select Add Qobuz Playlist ?

Yes but the result is the same.

After you create the playlist, you need to go in Qobuz in Audirvana and you will be able to add tracks or album to this playlist.

ok I got it now, but that seems quite a round-about way of doing it. There should be a link in the blank screen to add items.

Well, you need a way of finding the item that you wish to add. That happens to be the search bar right now.

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