Creating Qobuz playlist via Audirvana remote app

Hello, all.
Happy new Audirvana user here, using it almost exclusively as a remote control for Qobuz (cool, it rocks, excellent audio quality etc. etc.).

I’m struggling to create custom playlists of individual Qobuz tracks using the remote app.
I can create the playlist but have only been able to insert a maximum of one track into it. Further tracks simply don’t ‘stick’.

I am able to create a playlist of tracks in Qobuz itself and then import that into Audirvana - but even for this I seem to have to use the PC interface. As far as I have been able to discover I cannot do this using the remote app.

As mentioned, I am new to Audirvana, so it’s very likely that I’ve simply not noticed something that is obvious to long-term users.
Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Sionyn, are you on iOS or Android version of the Remote?

Thank you for your response.
I was using the Android version of the remote.
I haven’t tried it using the iOS version but I have an iPad - I’ll try it on that to see if it works differently.
Thanks again.

Hello @Sionyn, I’ve tried to reproduce your issue but I could have more than one track in the playlist, I noticed that the number of track is not updated put this is a bug we need to fix on our side. When you want to add a track in this Qobuz playlist with already one track in it, can you make some screenshot of the playlist before and after you add the track?