DAC's standby issue

Hi All,

Hope you’re all self-isolating and discovering new musical horizons.

Though not an Audirvana question, it is relatable and, with its repository of experts, the Audirvana community seems the place to search for the answer.

I have a USB DAC (Topping D50s) which has worked well with both my desktop and laptop machines. I’ve now taken the step of placing a Raspberry Pi in the mix: Audirvana, to the Raspberry Pi (Dietpi/Gmediarender), and onward to the DAC. Gotta say, it all works like a dream! Except one annoyance, namely, when connected to any of the Pi’s USB’s, the DAC’s standby ability no longer seems to work. When in auto-mode (even with the DAC sleeping) when the DAC’s USB is plugged into the Raspberry Pi, the DAC springs to life whether music is playing or not (and it stays on). Any thoughts for solutions? Thank you in advance for your guidance.