Days Calculation is Grossly Incorrect

I installed the trial package, synced my library over night and see these stats:

289020 tracks 12103401731 days 1hr 32mn

(33137307 years, i better get to listening)

By contrast, a MPC Stats taken a few weeks ago has:
Songs: 284804
DB Play Time: 1357 days, 22:48:23

I’m inclined to believe the second one and this may be a reason to not go forward with a purchase, if the small details are incorrect what other possible bugs are in the larger details?

I’d wait a couple of days. Do a resync.

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Indeed try a resync, I don’t have any problems but then again there’s a reason I chose Studio amd not Origin. I mainly stream my music, my own downloads are way less than your collection.

And perhaps support from the techs at Audirvãna could help. Though busy and therefore sometimes taking a couple of days, they always are willing to help. You can contact them directly.

Hi @quimbo,

Can you reach me out at

leaving in 5 minutes for a 4 day dog-cation. Will reach out on Friday

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