Default Settings For MusicBrainz and Save Metadata

Might just be my install or old settings imported. My local settings had MusicBrainz and save metadata to library. I’m using Yate and don’t think my old Studio 1. Version had it on.
Anyone else see anything about this?

I will check It out, are you using the MacOS version of Audirvāna Studio?

Yes MacBook Pro m1 had the problem. Mac mini i7 didn’t have the same issue. Thanks

I can confirm the same here, it was not activated on my Audirvana Studio (and Origin) orignal app, and it was enabled in Studio Beta 2.0 (macOS).

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Good to know I don’t have a screw loose in my head, hopefully it didn’t cause any problems for you

To be sure we are talking about the same thing, is it the first or the second one you are talking about?

I was about to add that, in my case it’s the first (this does not modify the audio file !).

Both were enabled on mine

I have not been able to reproduce this, can you please check that if you disable or enable one or the other in Audirvāna Studio, you also see the change in the Audirvāna Studio 2.0 beta version?

Yes it certainly does, I did not have Studio installed on either of my computer at the time of installing beta 2.0 so it was using a left over previous preferences file. I installed 1.14 on the MacBook Pro and indeed one effects the other. BUT I’m still certain I never had either one of them enabled on both of my computers. My local library had been edited with Yate and they were in synchronization, I was checking out the new stuff on the beta and by the time I got to my local library section the changes/damage was already being done.

@Antoine Additional information, the preferences file the Beta 2.0 imported must have been from Studio 1.12 that is the last version I have.

I had this same thing happen with my install where both of these settings were on by default. In my regular installation of AS, it’s turned off, but the beta had them on for some reason.

Luckily, I don’t have any local file folders configured in AS, so my files weren’t updated, but that “save to file” option should definitely be off by default, or at least match the setting from the installed 1.x version.

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I guess I will need to do a clean install of both Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Studio 2.0 to check it out.

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So I made a clean install Audirvāna Studio including the preference files and here is what I see when I first open Audirvāna Studio: image