Devialet & Audirvana / Qobuz


I’m just testing the Audirvana application.

Please could tell me (before buying…) what would be the best recommandation (upsampling…), considering that my amplifier is a Devialet Expert (connected to a laptop Windows 10 thru USB, with Qobuz streamer).

Thanks a lot for your help.


Depends what you’re looking for. Fidelity or flavor. The best thing is that you don’t have to decide. You can switch between the two at your heart’s content.

Thanks for your answer, but not sure to clearly understand.
My objective is obviously fidelity (as I invested in Hi-Fi, meaning high fidelity…).
My concern is to find the best Quality (so, I chose the Qobuz streamer (providing me with High- Resolution).
But, sometimes, the sound coming from Qobuz is
suddenly bad (stop, then restart…).
So, I’m testing Audirvana (recommended by Qobuz), but as there are a lot of parameters, I’m looking for the recommended ones, considering my configuration (Devialet amplifier, with DAC included).
Hope it clarifies, thks.

If you’re looking for fidelity, then play it bit-perfect without upsampling. If you’re looking for “flavor” experiment with upsampling, filters and … why not … EQ.

In the end it comes down to what sounds better to you.