Device selection and transport control

I noticed that you reworked the bottom right section of the UI. It does look a bit cleaner but it’s a good moment to give us back the “stop” button. Keep the pulsating padlock just as indication.

Probably just me being nit picking but doesn’t most devices have shuffle on left side and repeat on right? That’s how it is on 3.5 Minor thing

@bitracer i get what your saying on a square stop button :stop_button:, maybe we old dogs need new tricks. My other device has no stop button either :frowning: Maybe it’s going the way of that dodo :dodo:?

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Don’t know if it’s possible to have track numbers advance and show proper track when UPNP, player display ( Oppo205) and hdmi output to television never change

This is track 4 actually

Still the listing of upnp devices multiple times

In dark mode, MacBook Pro 14in. Seems to me the progress bar a little narrow, contrast between gray bar and blue progress is low perhaps :thinking:

See screenshot above for example ^

Even worse in light mode really unusable

This is an issue with HEOS devices and it will still be like this until we have not been able to reach someone at SounUnited that can answer us about this question.

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I agree on this one. It would more intuitive that way.

Could be, but every 5th post in the community is about how to change the settings and how to stop the transport and release exclusive access. So you have to explain that it’s the padlock, that’s not very intuitive at all.

Why not just put the “stop” button there, so there is no need to explain things any more.


Still lots of back button wonky behavior

What is the size of your screen?

3840x2160 4K default I’ve got it scaled to 2304x1296 apparently

But I’m have the blow up cannot scroll again until I maximize and toggle it back on my Mac mini and my Mac book ( did you look at the lounge thread? )

If you goto an album’s page open an album, decide you didn’t find what you wanted and hit back button what do you get? Back to the artist album page? For me it goes back to the artist home page with top tracks, playlist with artist, and I see albums again with a back button on right side. If I hit this it blows up the screen as I posted screenshot and uncontrollable can’t scroll or anything.
MacBook Pro M1, can someone test this out as well?

Back button to favorites, no good

Are you on Monterey 12.6?

Yes 12.6

You mean you selected this option in the MacOS Display settings?


Yes, scaled

Sorry If it was not clear enough. I wanted to know the scale option you choose:


Here is my MacBook Pro M1. its Default setting, same issue

Mac Mini i7, They both do it.

Both updated today

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