Differentiate between Albums and Singles in Qobuz

Not sure if this is a limitation of the Qobuz API as it splits out between formats in Tidal, but is it possible to differentiate between Albums/EPs/Singles on an artist page?

For contemporary artists who release several singles/individual tracks before an album release, their artist page becomes very cluttered with essentially duplicate tracks.

E.g. Lous and the Yakuza - only one of these releases is an album, but it’s impossible to tell without clicking into each

Hello @arewenotben,

This is more a Qobuz editorial issue as they don’t make distinction between Ablums, EP and Singles of an Artist:

Thanks! Will raise it with Qobuz directly. Thanks for the quick reply.

I have also contacted Qobuz about this. It really would make a big difference for me as well.

What I would really love would be smart playlists for Qobuz…