Dirac upsampling


How does Dirac plugin work? Dirac run max 192. Can use Dirac plugin and upsample to 384? Does the upsampling happen after the Dirac plugin?

Upsampling is after DSP.

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I have a similar question. When I upsample a 44.1 file to 352.8 (x8) the Dirac live window says “no signal”. When I change back to 176.4 (x4) the no signal warning goes away and I can select filters again. Is this normal behaviour?

Hello @DonR,

You should reach out to Dirac about it as they are in charge of the development of the plugin. If they have a question about what is going on, they will contact us since we have a partnership with them.

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I did as suggested and Dirac have confirmed that there is a limit to the sample rate that is supported by the Processor and it’s 192 kHz.

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If you would like to upsample to a higher sample rate, you might consider Studio. here the DSP is performed before the upsampling.

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