Dirac vs Audirvana Downsampling

I own an Emotiva XMC-2 processor with Dirac Live 2.0. Dirac Live 2.0 operates at a sample rate of 24/48. As such, all music files with a higher sample rate are downsampled to 24/48, but 16/44.1 files are not upsampled. Audirvana has the ability to upsample16/44.1 music files to 24/48 and it has the ability to downsample 24/96 and 24/192 files to 24/48. Would It be better to let Audirvana downsample than Dirac Live? I assume it would be better to allow Audirvana to upsample the 16/44.1 files to 24/48 than playing them at 16/44.1.

Hello @fbczar, You are right about it, if you want a better quality, you can upsample your track in Audirvana, you can use the setting “Power of 2” to get better result when you are not using Dirac Live :wink:

Would it also be better to allow Audirvana to do the downsampling from 24/96 and 24/192 to 24/48 rather that let Dirac and the processor do it?

It’s better to have the down sample in Audirvana as it send the audio to your DAC.