Display issue in iPad landscape mode

I always use my iPad in landscape mode. Unfortunately, Studio Remote’s mini-player can’t display track timing and progress information because it is off the bottom of the screen.

Other than turning on screen rotation and running the remote in portrait mode, is there a workaround for this issue?

This is my iPad 8th generation…

Here’s my 5th Generation.

Try closing the Mini-Player and then click on the album in lower left corner without flipping to portrait.

I think the remote in landscape still needs a little work.

That’s what did right before I took the screenshot I posted.

I don’t know why you and I have different displays unless our devices have different display resolutions.

iPad 5th gen is 9.7 inch 2048X1536
iPad 8th gen is 10.2 inch 2160X1620

There ya go. That’s probably the explanation.

I won’t hold my breath for a fix.

Unless you use it like this…

The mini player controls don´t work on landscape view

Just confirmed that. I wasn’t using the mini-player because of the progress bar issue, but just tried it again to test this. Yep, the controls don’t work, not even “pause.”

Works fine in portrait. Need to use that until/unless Damien gets around to fixing landscape mode.

Paging @Antoine

Audirvana Studio remote: There are not scroll bar nor alphabetic index in album view which makes it very cumbersome to manage a big library. These same ítems work very well on Audirvana 3.5 remote. They just have to transfer them, it should not be that hard

There is only one remote now.

ok, but the point is that when you use the remote with Audirvana 3.5 in album view on landscape or portrait views the mini player controls, scroll bars and alphabetic index work fine, and not so with Audirvana Studio. This have to be fixed wherever it needs to be.

The lack of updates on the Remote for iOS is really a pity. Since the release the issues concerning the landscape mode have been identified. I would also really expect that AUdirvana would also focus on developing the remote as it is very poor in terms of ergonomy and user friendly. They can do much better and really would like to understand how it could turn to a priority. If no improvement it will be clearly a signal to not restart the subscription at the end of this one : better to come back to Audirvana 3.5 in this case.

As long as it works in portrait mode, and it does, I think this can wait until they solve any remaining issues that prevent people from using Audirvana.

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When you are using your ipad with a keyboard it is a bit more difficult to move to portrait. I can hear it is not a priority as per the usage of the majority of the customers but the fact is that this remote born badly and it is not growing : a leftover.
What about the bug when you are clicking on the 3 dots that is closing the application ?
Do you think the remote is the best in class in terms of customer usage ? I don’t think so and in the yearly fee i also expect that this component could be take into account.

@Patatorz, we are working on the landscape mode of the iPad, as soon as we think it will be ready, we will make it available for everyone.