Display of playing track sometimes vanishes


I’m pretty sure that the issue was already reported somewhere but I cannot find it anymore.

THing is that the “currently playing track” panel sometimes disappears and the only solution is to restart the remote.
I understood from previous discussions that the topic was on the to-do list of the developers but I may have missed something, or did not see an update of the remote maybe.
Can somebody refresh my mind and tell me if we can expect some news on this?

OK, I reply to my own post.
My bad! I did not download the latest version of the remote. Actually, it was more my Ipad’s fault: it did not show the list of apps to be updated. I restarted it and then suddenly everything was back in order.
I saw that latest update of remote with the ability to show the app in portrait mode, and the “currently playing track” banner is now showing up and apparently not disappear anymore.

The more I looked at Apple things, the more I see this kind of “MS Style” where quality seems to be no more a real concern, when users like to correct bugs apparently. Unless all of this is coming from this "Agile’ approach where SW delivery frequency is more important than the rest.

Anyway, now problem is solved!