Display scaling issues with VST3 plug-ins


I’m a big fan of Audirvana but I have stumbled across a bug with VST3 plug-ins when Windows display scaling is set to something other than 100%. This is shown in the attached image:

Plug-ins cannot be used because they cannot be seen clearly and mouse clicks do not register in the correct place.

All plug-ins work properly at 100% scaling – this is my chosen workaround at the moment. This is a big issue for people with high resolution displays as Windows display scaling defaults to 150% and is most usable at this value.

Are the Audirvana developers aware of this issue?

Hello @EmEf, I couldn’t reproduce your issue with the plugin i have on my Windows 10 computer, can you send me the one you are using to this mail address : support@audirvana.com?
Are you using the latest version of Audirvana for Windows 10? 3.5.3

Hello @Damien3 et al.,

The issue in my screenshot occurs with more than one plug-in from more than one vendor (Waves Q10 EQ, Waves Renaissance EQ and Sonimus StonEQ 4K) so I feel that we can rule out a corrupt or outdated plug-in.

I’ve done a bit more error checking and found that all of my plug-ins scale correctly at 150% display scaling when I switch from my Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GPU to my motherboard’s integrated Intel GPU.

This problem only seems to affect Nvidia GPUs so it is likely to be a display driver issue.

I am using the latest Nvidia drivers with stock settings and still see the above scaling issue after a ‘clean’ reinstall.

I’m interested to hear from VST3 plug-in users who are seeing the same behaviour with Audirvana on Nvidia GPUs at 150% display scaling. I may be the only person with this exact setup so could be the only person reporting this problem.

This is a minor issue with multiple workarounds but it would be nice to find a fix at some point in the future.