Do You Still Need To Hack For Direct Mode?

I have been using Audirvana since maybe even version 1. I am on my second Mac mini (early 2014). I am still running El Capitan because I did not want to risk losing Direct
Mode. I have recently upgraded to 3.5 and read where it is completely Catalina ready, but I am a little confused as to where the Direct Mode issue is also resolved. I do not want to lose that, so I am still running El Capitan.

Can someone tell me whether it is safe? Does it still take a masters in coding to get back to direct mode capability in Catalina?

Sorry, if I am asking an old, annoying question, but I seem to be finding different answers.

Damien, I am really enjoying the sound quality of 3.5. I have even read on other boards that the Roon truthers are having to admit that 3.5 is way more engaging than their systems. Nice work.

There is no issue with Direct Mode… Apple close that door in the System for developpers to access them anymore… Direct Mode won’t get back after El Capitan.

If you really want it… it is still working if you replace a single extension in the System extension folder (locked now) of the OS after El Capitan… it is still running under Catalina 10.15.5 or every system in between :slight_smile:

You just need to know how to read a text file and taking your time…
it is just some restarts and copy and paste… no coding, all is written.

If you have a new Mac, like new Macbook Pro with a more secure chip inside (T2 chip), that is different. It takes maybe 30 mins to do it… but you have to do it every time and new update is out of Macos Catalina, the other system are done now :slight_smile:

Here is the link if you want to read it, or try:

Although it isn’t technically working. The option is there, but you need to make selections on Audio Midi Setup for it to work at the correct upsampling rate. It does do something to the sound but does not override the settings completely in Audio Midi Setup.