Does Audirvana work offline?

Hello everybody,

I will be honest and get to the point right away: I am a Roon customer, who is looking for alternatives because Roon killed the possibility of off-line playback. Officially they claim this was never supported but in practice you could use the core for about two or three weeks off-line until it needed to login again in order to verify the license. Now Roon killed off-line playback, it needs to be online all the time.

Not an issue in Germany normally, but I do like to bring my very compact audio core (on an Intel NUC) along on vacations. Our vacation home is off-line by design! So for my future vacations Roon - the most expensive audio server software on this planet - renders my downloaded or ripped music which I physically own useless. The software denies playback of music that is physically on the same device, when I do not have internet connection. IMHO this is an audacity. The only reason why I am still with them in my home, is because I purchased the lifetime license.

So, this was my long preamble to the question: does a Audirvana work off-line on a two or three week vacation? Does it make any sense to invest in Audirvana to fill these voids?

Yes, Audirvana Studio can be used offline but some functions cannot be used.

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Hi —
you can also set up a second core which runs Roon 1.8 (Legacy). During holiday season you switch the core from 2.0 to 1.8, let it verify the license and go to your flat happily.
Caution: You have to maintain two libraries, one for 1.8 and the other for 2.0 — they are not compatible to each other (Roon‘s getting worse also in details…)

I wanted to buy lifetime last year but cancelled that idea. My server, my music, my network — but Roonlabs would not allow me to use it. I am in Germany, too with stable internet (fibre) — but I don‘t want to support a software vendor with (in my eyes) silly ideas…

Yes, Ausirvana is a possible alternative. Also Plex/Plexamp, which verify its licence every few weeks only and works fine in the meantime.

I read somewhere in the forum (can not find where anymore) that Audirvana Origin works off line. I also do remember that both (Studio and Origin) need to ‘phone home’ once in a while.


  • Origin is a one time purchase, but does not do streaming (Qobus, Tidal etc.) and plays only files from a local library. Which makes sense in your case, when you want to play off line.
  • Studio is subscription based, but does streaming services. So I assume that Studio has to be on line (to check your subscription) more often.

If you want to hear it from the source you best send a mail to .
Or maybe @Antoine can give a clear answer for both versions of Audirvana.

Hi @itzlbritzl,

Short answer: Yes :wink:

Long answer: You can use Audirvāna Studio/Origin for 30 days without having to connect to internet. After this period of time, you will need to reconnect once to internet and you will be good to go for 30 days offline again. :beach_umbrella:

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