Does ver. 3.5's Direct Mode work in Windows 10?

On my Mac, D.M. clearly sounds better than non-DM. But DM does not work with recent Mac operating systems unless you make special adjustments. Does DM work without those adjustments in Windows PCs using 1703 or higher?

Direct mode is mac only.

Thank you for that info. Does that mean that Audirvana audio quality on the PC is not compromised in the way that apple core audio compromises it when direct mode is not used?

Can’t help, i’m on a mac with Direct Mode on Catalina :grinning:

What is DM? I couldn’t find it on Audirvana’s help pages…

DM is Direct Mode…
A driver Damien invented for Macos at the time to passed the sound through core audio of the Mac more deep or opening the doors through core audio to have less interferences between the soft and the computer for better sounding. Since El Capitan (10.11.6) Apple doesn’t allow developpers to play as deep in their OS. So now that extension (Direct Mode) doesn’t work anymore (never existed on PC), except if you put that El Capitan .ktext in place of the new one (on newer macos system after 10.11.6). The replacement still works on Catalina to this day.