Don't see microrendu as one of my device choices

Hi Damien,

Should I be able to see the microrendu as one of my device choices. I don’t see it?

What do I need to do, or is this functionality not yet available?


I just go the Microrendu working.

Not sure why its now working, but happy that it is.


What DAC are you using?

Oppo Sonica DAC

While I am able to play music from my library from my two windows computers with Project S2 digital ASIO (16 GB RAM) on each, I am having problems with the computer using the microrendu.

While audirvana sees the rendu, I am getting crashes (machine stops responding) when playing music files on the rendu (with Oppo Sonica DAC). I am playing flac files, no upsampling.

After the program stops responding, when I try to restart the program and play from the rendu it is missing in the device choices. I try to restart the program again, but the rendu is still missing (as well as a number of my other UPNP devices). Only after I do a full windows restart do I see the rendu again.

This computer uses an 8th generation core i3, with 8 GB RAM. When I look at the task manager, audirvana is using less than 1 GB RAM, and the CPU activity is under 20%.


What happens if you:

  • Reboot the mR then restart A+?

  • Unplug the mR from power before listening so it is cool, then plug it in before a listening session?

  • How’s your home network?