Download music to Iphone for remote listening

Anyone know if Audirvana is planning to update it’s app to download files of offline listening? I’ve installed the app for my Mac and loving the product but I’m looking for something that can also allow me to leave the itunes world entirely. So I’m down to Audirvana and Vox. Vox can do what I’m looking for but I like the performance of Audirvana, not to mention it’s Tidal integration, better.

For listening in my car I use both a Sony Media Player (NW-A45) and a flash drive. I have not been able to download music files from Audirvana to accompany the playlists files to either. To me that seems like a pretty large hole in the feature list for Audirvana.

There are external tools that can do that.

External tools such as?

Check out the TuneFusion if you’re on Windows:

There are similar tools for MacOS, just Google for it.

I have chased down some of these options before. From what I can tell, there is no ability to transfer playlists with music directly from Audirvana, which is the program I have used to organize my music. It is quite simple to transfer music files to a memory stick, but not my curated playlists. I have found that I can use Apple Music to do the same thing from my Audirvana playlists, albeit in a multistep process. If I point Apple Music to my music folder and do not let it organize my music (one of the reasons I quite Apple Music), I can import the playlist from Audirvana and then fill my memory stick from Apple Music.

This is not as elegant as I would have liked, but I assume that the programming required to allow for drag and drop transfers from Audirvana to external devices is not simple. If it is simple, then I would really like for that to happen.

If there is a simpler solution than using Apple Music to facilitate the transfers of playlists to external devices, let me know!

Check M3Unify out:

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