Download version 2.6

Hi, I have a license for version 2.6. I have to pay extra to use the 3.0 version and therefore I still want to use this version. Unfortunately you FAQ download link gives an error. Could you provide me with a working link?

Interesting question - I too paid for a licence for 2.6 version. I still have the original installation file but somehow the License tab seems to have been changed so that i can no longer load my license file and instead have to install the license number which i assume is embedded within the license file that one used to load.

I am not at all impressed - I paid to use the previous version and wish to continue using it. I did not sign up for a rolling subscription - you can’t possibly just remove access to the older version when we have paid for it. PLEASE REINSTATE.

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Any response from Audirvana? I own 2.6 licence and have no intention to pay for an upgrade. The 2.6 download link is dead. How can I re-install 2.6 and add the licence to it? I have a licence file not a code.

Unfortunately no answer. Not very professional and very disappointing…

The link to download the ancient 2.6 is on the support page, in the FAQ, section “Purchasing / License”

Thanks for fixing the link!

I’ve had a look in the FAQ section and can’t find a link to 2.6. Could someone please help me locate it. Thanks.

Hello @chipbutty, I can send you the link to the 2.6 version of Audirvana. All I need is your order number that you can send to me in private message.

Thanks. I’ve PM’d you.

Hello Damien, i’ve mp you. I would like to test a version compatible with Yosemite. How can I download it ? the last version doesn’t not work with Yosemite

Thank you


Anybody with an idea to get a version compatible with Yosemite ? Can I download the 2.6 ?

Thanks a lot for your assistance

Hi Damien,
My current version of Audirvana is no longer working. Not sure what I’ve done. My original order number was: 11090507, the last one was: 30951430. Is it possible to have a copy of the last version included with my order?
Kind regards


Hello @chrisryburn,

Your license file you purchased some time ago is meant to be used with the version 2 of Audirvana Plus.

You can use Audirvana 3.5 by requesting the 30 days trial license on following the web page :
To get your version 3.5 license key, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase it at a reduced upgrade price

Hi Damien,
Thanks for the reply.
Yep, am aware I could upgrade, but don’t want to at this juncture, finances don’t allow.
Just want to get my MacBook working again with my copy of Audirvana, so would appreciate a copy of the version 2 of Audirvana Plus