DSD 256 White Noise

I just bought and installed Audirvana plus in my Windows 10 laptop. I have been using Jriver since now and play all my audio files up-sampling to DSD 256 (DoP) with no issue (I use a Chord Mojo as DAC). Since the installation of Audirvana, I’n not able to listen any song for more than 3/4 of the length and than follow a loud white noise for a few second and finally silence. Dosn’t matter if I use Whasapi or ASIO drivers the system respond exactly the same with both drivers. Increasing the MAX MEMORY ALLOCATED FOR TRACK PRE-LOAD’s setting only postpone the issue. Anyone as an idea of what is going on? BTW, also Jriver now perform the same.

Don’t upsample, let the Mojo do its trick.

Dont put memory to max… try only 1024 around (lower the better but not lowest)

What is the native resolution of the files you upsample?

Any file, never mind if is 320 KB mp3 or Flac 16/24 bit

This doesn’t bring you any sonic benefit with DAC topology like Mojo. Chord DACs use proprietary processing algorithms internally, so it’s better left to Mojo to do this work.

You’ll get better results sound wise if you present the native file resolution to the Mojo.

With some dacs there are reasons why you want to do this. Like the pure DSD dacs below:


For the DACs like PS Audio Direct Stream, Chord lineup, Playback Designs and such, you’re better off letting the DAC do its thing. Those devices are voiced that way and you’ll always get better results by just playing the file in it’s native resolution.