DSD Metadata not reading correctly

Hi. I have a number of DSD files all of them organized in the same way in the folder structure. I have spent countless hours updating their metadata - using Music Bee, which in my opinion is the most customizable music organizer, but not the best player. For some reason, when added to the Audirvana library, some of the DSD albums files have their metadata read incorrectly (it seems like Audirvana uses the folder structure for them as opposed to the metadata embedded in the file to determine artist and album info). When I go back and look at the metadata for these files in Music Bee - or even other music apps such as Media Monkey, their data shows correctly, and they are correctly organized.

While I wouldn’t consider modifying the metadata within Audirvana an acceptable solution since I already spent many hours ensuring the metadata is correct, I still tried doing that and I get the same message that has been documented in other posts in this forum about Audirvana being “unable to update the tracks probably due to a write permission issue”.

I have read these forums and have not been able to locate a solution to either problem (files being read incorrectly or the inability to update the metadata). I would really appreciate any help you can provide.

Do you have the artist and album info for those tracks metadata?

Yes, the metadata is correctly showing in any of the other music management apps/software that I use. Audirvana is the only program that does not read it correctly. By the way, it also does not read track and title - just shows the file name for the track name. Thanks,

Can you send a mail at support@audirvana.com so I can give you a link to upload one of those DSD track? I would like to reproduce your behavior on my side first.