DSD playback creates minidump after 1st song

Windows 10
Audirvana 1.2.1 (1037)

Loaded a DSD album to the play list. Audirvana plays the first song successfully but then creates a minidump and exits when the song finishes. Tried a couple of albums encoded in DSD64 and can’t get past 1 song. Playing via Upnp to a Yamaha WXC-50 streamer which supports up to DSD128. The same DSD album will play OK via a USB stick attached to the Yamaha streamer or by UPNP Minimserver using the Yamaha app.

Thanks for this report.

I’ve reproduced this issue, and it is fixed for the next release I’ll do today or tomorrow.


…ich habe das gestern trotz neuester Version auch mehrmals gehabt.

Scheint noch nicht gelöst zu sein.



…bei mir ist es nach Ende des dritten Titels eines bestimmten Albums - dies war bis zur neuesten Softwareversion nicht so, sondern es
lief bis auf die bekannten Aiso-Störungen durch.

Festgestellt bislang bei diesem Album - andere bisher mit der neuesten Software gehörte Alben liefen durch.



Can you update to 1.2.2 by restarting Audirvana Plus, and test if this still happens?

Hallo Damien,

ja - es ist immer noch so - es hat sich auch nach dem Update leider nicht geändert.

Es handelt sich um das Album “Behind the gardens…” (Remaster von 2005) von Andreas Vollenweider.
Auch ein erneutes Auslesen mit Exact Audio Copy hat nichts geändert.

Ich könnte Dir das zwecks Tests schicken, habe aber keine EMail-Adresse gefunden.

Viele Grüße.


I have not received an update notification to upgrade to 1.2.2, still on 1.2.1 so I can’t test the new fixes.

in my system the same problem with 1.2.2. version too (updated just now).
(dual pc system, Windows 10 64 bit on pc server, Win Server 2016 on audio pc, T+A DAC 8 DSD).

mini dump file is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3zvec1tk55of9us/AudirvanaPlus.dmp?dl=0

I forced an update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 by downloading and running the setup.exe program from your site. Anyway now on version 1.2.2 (1038). The reported issue of DSD playback via Upnp causing a minidump after the 1st song is now fixed. I played 3 DSD64 encoded albums via Upnp to my streamer without any problems.
Thank you.

in my system instead the problem is not fixed; I’ve verified that it occurs only by upsampling to DSD (128), because without upsampling (listening both PCM and DSD64 files), or by upsampling to PCM, all works well.

This is a different problem than my original post which the dev has corrected in the latest release. For better transparency, I would recommend that you create a new thread with your specific issue.

…bei mir geht es auch um upgesampelte Daten - von CD/WAV zu DSD 256.



I understand that upsampling to DSD is giving problems. Start a new thread with your particular problem. This threads original problem is fixed. My suggestion, otherwise it gets lost in this thread.