DSD Upsampling - "pop" sound then stops playing

Windows 10
Audirvana 1.2.2 (1038)

While streaming a lower bit rate album (16-44.1) via UpNp to my streamer and choosing Upsampling to DSD64 playback stops after 2 or 3 songs (variable). At the end of the song I get a popping sound and no more playback. If I set Upsampling to power of 2, etc., no problems. It’s only when To DSD is selected for Upsampling.

Streamer and (if separate) DAC?

Yamaha WXC-50 streamer / DAC

Hi everybody!
When first time used the Ifi nano DSD with upscaling to max DSD 256, there occured POP sounds. Need to restage the situation, I’ll be back :sunglasses:

I’ve had the same intermittently with microRendu and iFi micro-iDSD.