DSD512 upsampling on windows greyed out with DAC Chord Dave capable 512

It‘s behind the speaker icon, just click on the arrow behind the DAC name.

Active device support up to 512 DSD nothing to choose
Upsampling to DSD
i cant see wher i can choose native dsd option

Ok I have native DSD over PCM 1.1
Always had like that

Switch to Native DSD.

dont have such option only
none convert to pcm
dsd over pcm 1.0
dsd over pcm 1.1

That’s weird. Try to restart Audirvana.

Its same everytime i open audirvana from the begining maybe because is trial version?
Since yesterday i installed some chord drivers all that changed is that can choose 512 DSD but not play
and instead of Dave as a name of DAC wnen press small speaker have asio or Waspi if spell right.

Yes, if you choose ASIO you should be able to select Native DSD method as well.

You may want to contact Chord about this. It could be a driver issue. Maybe @Damien3 has also some ideas.

How send message to Damien3?

If you mention somebody he gets notification. He was notified.

thx for your help bitracer :+1:

Have you tried to disable upsampling in Audirvana? Does DSD 512 works without it?

Hi Damien3
I dont have dsd 512 files but can try disable it but whole point for me is to upscale to max and compare.

When disabled upsampling still cant choose native dsd only PCM 1.1 OR 1.0

macOS is not able to send raw DSD streams. That’s why the DSD over PCM standard has been developed: to send raw DSD in a fake PCM stream.
To identify it as such, there are 8 bit markers in it.
And the presence of these markers doubles the need of bandwidth, thus explaining why on a mac only half of the max DSD rate is available.

Im trying on windows this time not mac

Have trial version of audirvana installed asio drivers yesterday

Even if you have selected ASIO and using the ASIO driver, you don’t have the DSD support in the audio output settings in Audirvana?

Hi Yes if i choos Asio cant choose DSD native same with other on WASP or something only difference that with wW… it shows 32 bit 1536Khz but as soon start playing error comes up.
With ASIO shows 512 DSD ans as soon start playback same error comes up.
In both cant choose native DSD.Maybe there are other drivers that can choose.
Before installed driver have ust Dave to choose as DAC.

Can you download ASIO 4 all driver and try again?