Duplicate albums in play queue

Issue: When I add albums to the play queue from the artist album list, AS adds 2 of each album I select. This only started happening recently.

Steps: In AS, go to any artist page, and in the “Albums From Qobuz” section => “See All” => … => Add to Play Queue (do this for several albums).

Results: Each albums added to the queue will have all tracks listed twice, as if you did the action twice.

Anyone else have this issue?

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I’ll check it out later :+1:

Yep. It happens here as well with Qobuz. But not with Tidal.

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Hi @glen,

I do not have this behavior, can you please send some screenshot so I can properly reproduce the issue?

Hi @Antoine,

I’ve already listed two screenshots here. The first one is from placing Qobuz albums in the play queue. The second one is from adding Tidal albums to the play queue.

With Tidal it seems to be ok, but with Qobuz if I add any album of theirs to the play queue, it gets added twice.

But I’ve tried it again. Started out with an empty play queue. And then added one random album from Qobuz to the queue.

Which resulted in the album being added twice to the play queue

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Ok, I can tell you that it’s fixed in the next update of Audirvāna Studio since I don’t have it on the test version I have :wink:

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After updating AS to 2.1.0 this problem has disappeared :tropical_drink:

@sandsOfArrakis - Thank you for checking and providing screen shots while I was sleeping!

@Antoine - It was such a treat to wake up and find out this was already addressed and available in an update. Thank you!

Edit to add: Just installed the 2.1.0 update and the issue is fixed here too. :slight_smile:

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