Duplicate files in library

Hello, Im getting duplicates files in Library. Can this be fix?

Thank you.

Hi, me too. I have albums getting duplicated and coming back even when I delete them

I had the same problem but the Audirvana support team showed me how to fix it. For background I am using a MacBook with an external SSD to access my ITunes library.

The duplicates issue can be resolved by unchecking the first two options in your iTunes advanced setting.

  • Keep iTunes Media folder organised
  • Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library

This will prevent iTunes from duplicating files automatically. Then go to your Audirvana settings where you can either choose to add folders manually, or synchronise with iTunes.

I chose the first option and selected the path to the iTunes music folder on my SSD. That did the trick for me. I no longer have duplicates in my Audirvana library.