Duplicate of .cue album and .wav file from same folder

Good afternoon,
I’m testing Audirvana on both Mac and Windows to see if it works as well as I need it to and so far it’s working well, but it’s duplicating the files in folders with .cue and .wav files. I ripped a ton of my CDs and put them in a box, using EAC’s “IMG” to rip .cue and .wav, but Audirvana shows both the album from the parsed cue file, and the raw wav file as different entries. Is there a way to prevent the .wav file from showing up? I would think that if a folder has a .cue file, that the .wav would be ignored.


For me Audirvana on PC does not process .wav files and CUE sheets. On the other hand, everything works perfectly if the .wav file includes its TAGs and if the CUE Sheet is associated with a FLAC without tags. Maybe you have in the same folder the .wav and the FLAC with its CUE Sheet.

The only items in the folder are:


I do not have .flac files at all.

If I select the cue-based album, I get track listings properly. If I select the wav-based album, it’s one track with no track info.

I ripped all these myself with no .flac files at all.

Sorry I made a mistake with the wav file. Now it works perfectly for me and I have only one disk in my Audirvana database. I have tried several tests but I never have duplication like you.

Just in case, test this: change the name of the folder containing your files cue and wav (I add a - at the end of the folder name). This will cause an update of the Audirvana database. See if this changes anything.