Duplicate Tracks (3.5.17)

Hi all,

All of a sudden Audirvana says I have duplicate tracks in some albums. There are no duplicate tracks in the source folders. If I move the duplicates to the recycle bin and empty it, both the original and duplicate are deleted.

I’ve tried checking database integrity, rebuilding the indexes, and defragmenting the database.

Any help is appreciated.

Running Audirvana 3.5.17 on a 2012 quad core Mac Mini (Mojave 10.14.5).



Where are you audio files located?
On local drive? On a NAS? IF on a NAS, has the shared folder name, or the NAS name changed recently?

Files are on a local hard drive. Name has not been changed.

Ok, can you send me your library database file (the AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite) so I can inspect it.
It is located in ~/Library/Application Support/Audirvana
To access ~/Library with the Finder, you can use its Go menu while pressing the option (or alt) key. This reveals the Library command in this Go menu.

You may have to use a file transfer service as this can be a large file, and then send me the download link by PM or email.

I just came here to report the same issue. Duplicates can be some tracks from an album, or all tracks. I’ve confirmed that these aren’t duplicate files (and Audirvana reports the paths as being identical – per the screenshots attached). I’m on a 2012 Mac mini running 10.14.6 and the latest full release of Audirvana.

My library is stored on a Synology NAS, but nothing there has been altered recently. My workaround has been to delete and rebuild my database file periodically, a couple of times a month or so, but obviously that’s not really sustainable.