Duplicate tracks - is it back again in Studio?

I am talking about local files, the program is collecting data from my external usb drive which has no duplicate files. I don’t know why it isn’t recording the usb drive location in the debug info? I am fully updated.

I just added the external drive and this resulted in every local album being duplicated

Today I decided to take up the offer of the reactivated trial of AS during December, starting from a clean V3.5 Database with no duplicates. Importing the 3.5 database and file syncing was pretty quick, analysing is running as expected.

What do I get? Lots of duplicate local tracks.

Déjà vu or what!

I was interested to see how AS was coming along since I last gave the trial a spin, at that point it was largely the duplicate tracks issue that stopped me from subscribing, now I am back in the same place. Not wanting to be negative about this, but life is too short for such a basic problem that has plagued Audirvana for such a long time. I think I will stick with V3.5, enjoy my music and forget about duplicate tracks.

Screenshot for an example:

Hello @audiosurge,

The issue you have is coming from the 3.5 database. You need to not do the conversion to Studio otherwise you will have duplicates in Audirvāna Studio again and again.

Can you remove the audirvanadatabse.sqlite and if you have the window asking you for conversion, not doing it?

Hi @Antoine, I will give that a try later and see how it goes.

Thank you for the suggestion of starting AS without the V3.5 database conversion, I am currently up and running without duplicates.

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I still have this duplicate problem and I’m starting to feel frustrated about it. Honestly, I’m fed up with deleting the database once and again and eventually have this problem again : (

I don’t know how it’s created, but in my experience it ususally happens when I listen to an album or song, and next time I start Audirvana and sync the folder the album is in, I get the dreaded duplicates. Sometimes it’s the whole album, and sometimes it’s the song I listened to plus the next song.

Well, not syncing the folder might be an option, and I turned off Sync at restart, but if I add new music, I have to sync it so that the new music appears on Audirvana. Besides, all those duplicates end up in the recycling bin and there’s no way for me to permanently delete them.

I have a Synology NAS, but it seems that the problem also replicates on hard drives.



Could the RAID on the nas be problematic? I’ve just ordered a synology unit my first. But I have my music files to run daily with Audirvāna on a Samsung SSD into Mac mini

Send your debug to support@audirvana.com They will get back quickly

Thanks for your reply. I’ll send my debug to that email address.

I’m using just a hard drive on my NAS and I have my music back ups on external hard drives.

I noticed today that this problem accurs again for me.
That means the fix you did is not reliable.

Again a new duplication of an album. I read it this morning it was OK. I re-opened it right now and all tracks are duplicated. I am re-doing the data base one more time. :frowning_face:

Hello @Alain , can you send me your database file at support@audirvana.com?

It’s done.
Thank you for this fast answer.

hi all,

to keep the thread alive.
i’m using a synology nas and have audirvana studio subscription.
nas is shared via samba to my mac on the lan.
i have 2 main dirs on my nas, one that stores my permanent collection and another for the “intake” music that needs reviewing before i decide whether it should stay.
what is happening to me is that every once in a while when fire up audirvana it gives me a message that the location of my sunchronized (nas) folders has changed and if I want to sync those. Not syncing them is not an option as the folders show up as offline in audirvana (though music can still be played off of those which is weird) and if you choose to sync those audirvana creates duplicate entries for what seems like all the albums that were synced before the latest application start.
i do not know why this is happening as my nas is always up and running, having all the time the same local IP, Mac OS volume mount, and, by extension, path.
Plus, i had an smb share before via my wifi router and audirvana never had an issue with that.
this is extremely frustrating as the only way of getting rid of duplicates that i know of is complete folder re-sync which takes A LOT of time and wipes a bunch of stats.

please help…


If you had this message then it means something changed in your local network connectivity of your NAS. Did you get an update of it and it restarter?

Hi Antoine,

thank you for the response.
Not as far as I can tell. The NAS’s management UI states its been up for days and the SMB service had no re-starts either.

Seems that an smb setting on my synology NAS has fixed the issue .
FYI - enabling smb durable handles seems to have solved it.