Duplicates + triplicates now - library unworkable

My library with +2500 albums is now showing duplicates and triplicates for most albums. I don’t have any duplicate albums (multiple versions) and I don’t have any cue files or other such files inside the album folders. Also, I don not have my Itunes MP3 library synced. I have carefully looked at my tags and I’ve always used Metadatics program for tagging with out any problems for over a year.

Searching through the board I’ve not found any applicable solutions when I search “duplicates”. Hopefully there is a solution - can’t really use the player if all songs are 2x or 3x played.


Try removing your database from A+ prefs panel, library tab with the - sign. Wait a bit… then you have nothing in your window.

Close A+. Go to your Home Library folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Audirvana
Trash all the files in there (or put them anywhere else if you want to keep them in case)

Restart your Mac, Restart A+. If it doesn’t ask you where is your music folder when starting,
go to the prefs panel and in library tab, hit the + sign and add it… and wait while it loads fully

Thank you!!.
Curious - how often do users delete and reload the library?

When they have bugs :grinning: … Sometimes it could get corrupted, i don’t know.

Now that this one is good again, copy that file from the same place you deleted earlier and put it in a folder named like today’s date… that is your backup till you make new changes to your library…

i’m not sure how i did it, but i ended up with triplicates listing of everything in my itunes/music library. the only thing i had in that folder was a single sqllite database. i left it in place and renamed it, restarted and now have a good listing. if you are using a streaming service, you will need to reconnect.

Curious - how often do users delete and reload the library?

It’s not so much a matter of time because if your database is working well and you don’t add anything, you shouldn’t have any issues. I find that I can have issues when I dump a lot of new files into the database. Sometimes I remove and re-add a music folder to fix the issue or I have to create a new database from scratch. Not a big deal either way, but you will lose some stats, I believe, such as “recently added”