EQ and Tidal MQA

Hey. I love Audirvana. The sound is so good. But I would like to EQ my headphones with a VST plugin. Everything works as long as I want to render a MQA file with my Dragonfly Cobalt. The EQ is bypassed. Why is that so?


Thank you

MQA = lock, can’t change

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Thank you for your answer. But there is another software similar to Audirvana that does EQ MQA.

Hello @Blanka, what is the name of the software you are talking about?

Hello @Antoine. Well, Roon. I have a test subscription and MQA is also EQed. But I don’t know about the mechanics. Perhaps Roon does something completely different.

The problem with using an EQ with MQA file is more about changing the MQA flow as you need to first unfold, do the EQ then the second and third unfold are probably skipped as the MQA flow is not the same as it use to be…

Ah. I understand. To be honest, after reading today what artists earn with streaming I consider buying the albums and help them so that they can get through these hard times.

Can you tell me one more thing please @Antoine? . Is there a difference in quality when I use the apple parametric eq plugin or a paid one like the voxengo?

The difference between two plugins are often relying on customization of settings, not the sound quality,the parametric eq from Apple is a really basic eq. With plugins like voxengo you can customize more easily and with more flexibility your settings.

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Thank you. I EQed my Focal Elegia with settings from Oratory1990. That does also work with the apple AU.


Is there any Parametric EQ thats free or reasonably priced or free to be used in Windows 10 with Audirvana? I need to EQ my headphones to Harman but all i can find are free graphic equalizer VST plugins


Hello @wiseguy, have you tried the plugins from tonebooster?

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Hi @Antoine

Yes, but it’s presets does not have my Headphone (HiFiMan Arya) and doesn’t have Parametric EQ with say 10 bands. Any other suggestions? I’m trying the Waves Q10 but it has its limitations. Any better suggestions or maybe try to build Parametric EQ inside the Audirvana suite? Perhaps something less expensive?

Also, with Audirvana, do you recommend upsampling Tidal streams? If yes, which one: DSD or X power of 2


Hey @wiseguy When you download the Tonebooster Plugin Package you can choose the Equalizer 4.0 plugin in Audirvana. There you can see 4 bands but you can add as many as you like with a double click. I eq’ed my Focal Elegia. (I would love to here the Arya. Perhaps sell my Focal and Grado GH2 for them…) If you have questions please ask them :slight_smile:

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@wiseguy I can confirm what @Blanka says. Both Tonebooster plugins: Morphit and Equalizer 4.0 works perfectly fine with Audirvana and Win10. In fact, in case of LCD-1 I prefer sometime Morphit settings from Audeze Reveal+.

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Thanks @Blanka

I will try that. Toneboosters Morphit is paid…is there a way to have 2 headphone profiles in there saved for use anytime I switch headphones…if you’ve tried this.

Also, whee do I need to double click to add bands please?

Hey @wiseguy. I have 2 presets. No problem. I clicked demo on the pop up window. It words flawless.

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Hi @Antoine

Thanks for this suggestion. I’m using it now to do parametric EQ with headphones

I’m also using it together with sox upsampling in Audirvana. Does soX upsampling already include headroom for this DSP? How much DSP?

Or do I need to manually add some headroom somewhere else in Audirvana?

To prevent intersample overs

Give it some one as EQ for Windows Audirvana?
Please not Apo.
When possible i search a 10 or 15 Band plugin who works well.

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