EQ on the fly (Mac)

Is there any way, with any plugin, or some other method, to be able to adjust some EQ on the fly while listening to Audirvana?

Sometimes during a playlist, a small adjustment here or there could be very useful… but it seems you have STOP playback, go into settings for your audio device, adjust some sort of Audio Unit setting, and then go back to wherever you left off, hit play… and then if that didn’t do it, or you’d like to adjust it a little more, you have to STOP playback… blah blah blah repeat. Super annoying.

Someone please tell me there is an easy way (on a Mac mind you) to use a simple EQ to adjust sound on the fly while listening to Audirvana.

Thanks all.

open AU prefs, select Apple: AUGraphicEQ
check the real time control box

Or, this plug-in is $65 license w/free updates and worth every penny
Designed for headphones, but just as useful with speakers

Goodhertz Can Opener Studio

That’s great… never even noticed that real time setting.

What is the reason this EQ cannot be used for DSD playback?
This is about 70-80% of what I listen to using Audirvana.

@Damien3 maybe chime in here?

Thanks again everyone.

The DSD signal is not able to be processed at all. The only way to process such signal is to downsample it to PCM, do the processing, and then upsample it back to DSD. Even the pro workstations used for DSD mastering do simple operation such as 2 streams mixing in PCM.
So this means for keeping sustainable CPU computing demand, and thus enable realtime processing, a lower quality downsampling, and upsampling back to DSD algorithm must be used.
You can then understand why we’ve not taken this route. Or if we had, we would have let the users know there is a double conversion DSD to PCM, then PCM to DSD.

Regarding DLNA, you can get signal processing like EQ, but only in offline mode. That is you tune your EQ settings in the preferences page, and then click save. These will then be active during playback to a DLNA player. Be sure to have the “realtime setup” option deactivated.

Fabfilter pro eq is the dogs dangles. Just be careful to realise that for real time you are limited to direct output, i.e. not over network DNLA.

This will be the same for all AU plugins in AV+ and is not the Fabfilter.

So in order to (In Fab Filter) see the spectrum analyzer in real time, AND apply EQ while playback is happening in real time, the only option is to do this with a direct output setup, save settings, then switch to your (preferred) DNLA set up ?

You can do this this way or you can deactivate the real time feature while your in DLNA and make change your plugin settings before listening to it and do it over again by stopping your music until you got the perfect setup you want.