EQ VST Plugin doesn't pop-up during music play


I have tried to use FabFilter plugin but in real time when I am playing music EQ window never appear.
What can be a problem here?

Works on my side, you have the Fab latest version? there was an update couple of months back…

I downloaded Fab today, so it should be latest version.
But now I see strange behavior, when I switch to my pc EQ window appears, but if I choose UPnP to my raspberry pi, EQ window never appear… Is there something specific with the UPnP streaming and VST plugins windows?

No display possible with UPNP or DSD playback, normal behavior with Audirvāna. USB pcm playback will allow real time display and setting of FabFilter. My observations are on Mac

Be nice if this could be implemented soon.

Thank you for your answer, everything clear now.
I also hope that it will be implemented soon…

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