Erratic Behaviour on BoxSet/Multidisc Albums

I am using the latest version of Audirvana Origin. I am using an external tagger to order my metadata. Here are the rules I am following

  • Same album name across multi discs of same album
  • Use of Grouping Tag to define each CD
  • Same Album Sort as Album
  • Disc No and Disc Total tags are complete and set across the board.
  • Is Compilation tag set to ‘true’ across the entire collection.

On some instances, Audirvana displays the correct and desired outcome: A single album, with proper division into various discs and groupings. Here is a screenshot:

However in other instances, the albums are divided into the various CDs, and are not ordered properly. For example

This collection is displayed separately, and not according to the Disc Number and Grouping sequentially.

I would therefore be grateful if someone could explain what tags need to be set in what way in order to ensure that the display of multi-CD collections always occurs along the lines of the first screenshot. I am quite confident that the two collections are near-identical in terms of the fundamental tags, so am feeling quite stuck.

Many thanks!

Could be splitting by Artist or Album Artist

Use one common Album Artist maybe ?

Thanks - I had already tried that, Album Artist is the same across the board. The first example has a variety of entries in the Artist tag, so it can’t be that. There is most likely something else which triggers this erratic behaviour.

Then the split by Artist is most likely the culprit

I have seen multiple artists shown as a separate artist. I use semi colon to show multiple Artist Audirvana changes that to a comma and treats as one artist

Not good …

Hi @Carthe2024

You might want to try posting a screenshot of what your tagging software shows for each image of the CD’s shown in your images.