Error login in QNAP Audirvana via app

I have installed Audirvana on a QNAP NAS. When I try to access it via the Audirvana remote APP, I get a message after entering the credentials that my subscription has expired. However, this is valid until April 2025.
However, logging into Audirvana in Windows and MacOS works without any problems. Reinstallation in QNAP and/or on iPhone does not fix the problem. Enclosed is the log file of the NAS.

HTTP request error (7) Failed to connect to port 443 after 34 ms: Couldn’t connect to server for URL

Hi @Nicolai,

Do you still have your issue?


Have you enabled QuFirewall on your QNAP?

No. It is installed, but disabled. The issue still exists.

Do you have something else on your network that would create such block like a firewall on your router or something like Bit Defender on the NAS?

Hello Antoine,
to your last question: No, there is nothing like that installed on the NAS.
But: Now it works (again).
It seems to be firstly a hardware problem with the adapter 2 of the network card of the NAS, secondly with the configuration of the virtual switch in connection with the assignment of a static IP.
I have now switched to adapter 1 and DHCP client.
Many thanks for your efforts.

Best regards

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