.exe version of audirvana

Having audirvana as a microsoft store application is an easy to install solution.
But for audiophiles w<ho modify windows, it’s a severe problem*.
Now that audirvana studio and origin use network login, there is no longer risk of hacking.
So why not making an executable version ?

  • an example among many: impossible to change the shell explorer by audirvana.

I’m not a programmer, have (very) low knowledge but I’m doubt this is the reason. Anyway, as you said, it’s online based, at least for login

I completely agree with you - said it many times. Many “optimizers” break Store / App Installer, you must be very careful when using them. I had to reinstall Windows few times because of App Installer / Store errors.

Maybe these Mac users / developers don’t understand the fact that most Windows users don’t give a damn on Store / App Installer. They even don’t know they have such things installed. Because nobody needs them….