Expanding Metadata?

Any thoughts on expanding metadata to include front & back covers, lyrics, booklets etc? a digital download I got yesterday had a .pdf booklet with it: it would be nice to read this in Audirvana (especially on an iPad). A lot of classical albums have tons of information on the back, and what use is the front cover of Led Zeppelin IV without the back cover?

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I only can speak about the Windows version, but if there is a PDF in the same directory as the music files Audirvana shows a ‘book’ icon in the album view. If you click on that the PDF will be shown in Audirvana.

As far as I know the format of metadata in music files itself does not allow for the inclusion of PDF files (only album art).

As far as I am aware Audirvana shows album art correctly when it is embedded in the metadata of the music files.

Ah, right… thanks, Andy!!!

Yes please. Let us open the pdf in separate program. At the moment the booklet view is rudimentary at best.