Exporting playlist (Mac)

Is there anyway to specify the file type of exported playlist from AS? I’ve created some I’d like to import to other services but they won’t accept the file types exported from AS.

Hi Dazza
Again i believe, that the export creates a MU3 File which will open in Apple Music, but not much else.

If you have your playlist saved in Tidal (I assume it is tidal you are using from your previous posts) you may want to have a look at Soundiiz. It will allow you to transfer your playlists to a large range of service providers.

Been awhile since i used it but there is a paid version with unlimited uses, or a free version where you can only do one transfer at a time. Options are for Playlists, Albums, Tracks and if the other service you are transferring has that song, album etc it will create it in the other service. If not it will give you a list of what did not transfer.

If you have Qobuz, it normally (sometimes appears in some geolocations and disappears again) gives you a free code to log into Soundiiz and do your transfers.

Thanks @ChiliHot but these are mainly playlist I’ve created from my own library rather than from Tidal.

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No problem. Sorry could not help.

Let’s hope that minds greate than ours just haven’t seen the post yet and can respond. :grinning:

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By default, we export playlists in M3U, which is the format used for playlists in softwares in general. Can you please tell me the software you try to put your playlists in? I would like to reproduce your issue.

Seems it was a glitch @Antoine Since using the AS version you provided me with, the export files are now M3U. They had previously been exporting in text files.
What file types does AS accept when importing a playlist?

We only support M3U file, not text or csv.

Ah. Shame as I’d have liked to import some tidal playlists into AS but the platform I’m using to export only creates CVS or TEXT files.

Are you using Soundiiz?

No. TuneMyMusic…but Soundiiz doesn’t offer to export M3U files either.