Extracting tracks from surround SACD ISO

Generally 2 type of tracks can be extracted from a surround SACD ISO : one stereo track and one surround track for the same song.
This can be done easily with JRiver or Foobar. What about Audirvana ? I find only the surround track.

This is not a real answer/solution to your question/issue, but you could, as a workaround, extract the stereo tracks from the ISO to *.dsf files with an external program. You can play those with Audirvana.

Hi @jcp Jean-Claude

You asked for it and here it is. I have quite a few SACDs and long to find the energy (and equipment) to access the higher resolution info… so far no luck, but here is a great article that may help you.



Thanks for your help Philip and Andy, what I’m looking for is to get both surround and stereo tracks with Audirvana. I can have them with Jriver or foobar but I prefer the sound quality of Audirvana.
When I buy a SACD I create the ISO File with ISO2DSD. If I create stereo and surround .dsf files instead, the size on the disk will be x4 or 5, and I have a lot of SACD ISO.

Hi !
Audirvana is playing any SACD ISO stereo or multichannel no problem same as Jriver

I have valid licence now for even coming soon J River 31 but I am mostly using Audirvana because is playing any format over the network stable no drops.
Jriver is choking on bigger faster rate files.
Jriver has excellent library management tools that I am using a lot to find missing album art or file location etc.
But for playing files of different formats Audirvana is The Champion of The World ! #1

Thanks Derek for your answer.
The only difference for multichannel SACD or FLAC files played with a stereo DAC, is that Audirvana read only 2 channels while JRIVER can create a stereo version with all channels. It’s fine for TACET, 2L or TELARC multichannel stage files.
I have also a lot of multichannel DTS files that cannot be played by Audirvana.

As always I am learning on this forum.
Thank you for information about those types of files that Audirvana can’t play.
I am using as my # 1 player Audirvana
Than Jriver and Roon sometimes.
If one can’t play something than I am using different software.
I have to mention here absolutely best because it is free Foobar 2000 which was my first to play DSD and SACD ISO files way before those mentioned above.
It took me a while to customize interface to my liking but it was great experience.
I have somewhere here on the forum pictures of my Foobar look but I don’t want to post it again because this kind of activity on any forum with paid software will be kind of against of our great software developers that are working hard to customize Audirvana and other so we don’t have to learn how to build nice look and functionality of software that actually should be easy to use.
I am trying hard not to pollute here with controversial information.

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